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Looking for a Source of Home-based Income?

The Old Schoolhouse® offers a networking program allowing you to earn while simply sharing about its curriculum site,—something you may already be doing! The best part is that The Old Schoolhouse® has taken the guesswork out of what works and provides you with the needed tools. Whether you are already familiar with the way affiliate (or network) marketing works or you’re just learning, TOS provides all the tools and training you need to succeed, including an endless supply of HTML for eBlasts, images for your blog or website, and social media memes for any of our courses. We’ll even customize campaigns for you if needed!

State Leaders Can Monetize Their Organizations

Are you a state board or local support group leader? A separate program awaits you with our highest earning potential. Let’s get your group monetized with regular incoming payouts. Several state homeschool organizations around the country are already utilizing the program to increase revenue and boost membership. It’s also a way to bring the state homeschool conventions back to their glory days!

What State Homeschool Leaders and Affiliates Are Saying


Monthly Payments • 365-Day Referral Period • Advanced Notice of Upcoming Sales

• Campaign Promo Pieces • Other Promo Graphics and Resources

• Ongoing Support Including Private Online Groups • Prizes and Giveaways

Gain resources for Your Homeschool Support Group

You hold a strong commitment to homeschool success and your support group. How would you like a simple way to offer even more resources for your organization?


  • monthly funds deposited into your account
  • free email/inbox ads when we have space
  • free back issues and door prizes for conventions
  • automatic commissions when your customer renews her ST membership—it never ends
  • ongoing open communication: direct line of support to the publishers of The Old Schoolhouse®

We support you while you support them!

Earn commissions on monthly, quarterly,

and yearly membership options.

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