Preschool Gym

On Fridays at the Colonial Heights Baptist Church Schoolhouse, Parent-Teacher Joe Hopson is coaching a homeschool PE class in the (huge!) gymnasium from 1pm until 2:30pm, available to all Schoolhouse students.
The Preschoolers will be in the gym from (only) 1pm until 1:30pm on Fridays with their Directors and parents. They will likely be off in a more isolated corner of the gym participating in games and exercises as a small group. They may join the regular PE activities with Mr. Hopson (depending on what he has planned) during that time as well. The parents and preschool program Directors will determine order of operations during the Preschool Gym session since they will carefully oversee our littlest participants during that half hour each Friday.
See the Preschool Playground Directors, Julia Lewis or Rebekah Brasure with any questions.

If you desire to sign your student up at a Local Church Schoolhouse to take part in as many classes as your children need as well as nursery and the Preschool program as well as take part in the field trips, you must have a current membership to Need a discount? A full year membership which covers every child in the family is normally $269.97. Click the red box below for the discounted price of just $189 for a full 365 days.

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