FAQ: Schoolhouse Network and Selling Memberships as a Schoolhouse Army Affiliate

Q: What is the Schoolhouse Army?
A: The Schoolhouse Army is a dedicated team of affiliates for The Old Schoolhouse® and SchoolhouseTeachers.com focused on promoting homeschooling through selling memberships. Affiliates work to support families in their educational journeys, creating a community around our comprehensive PK-12th grade homeschooling solutions.

Q: What are the benefits of becoming a Schoolhouse Leader?
A: Schoolhouse Leaders enjoy a special commission rate of 40%, reflecting our commitment to rewarding their efforts in guiding families to our platform. This role offers the potential for a lucrative income by fostering a community and supporting homeschooling families, backed by our nationwide success stories.

Q: How can I increase my income as a Schoolhouse Army affiliate?
A: By utilizing the proven, sustainable model we’ve built, you can significantly increase your income. This involves promoting our comprehensive homeschooling resources, creating local Schoolhouses, conducting presentations, and leveraging your unique affiliate link and QR code to ensure every sale is credited to you. The opportunity to offer significant discounts directly also accelerates your earning potential.

Q: What support is available for Schoolhouse Army affiliates?
A: Our Customer Service team is on hand to support the families you refer, ensuring a smooth experience for them. We also provide affiliates with marketing support, educational content, a unique affiliate link, and QR code for easy sale tracking, and access to a private Facebook group for ongoing support and resources.

Q: How do I become a Schoolhouse Leader and earn a 40% commission?
A: Interested affiliates can step into the Schoolhouse Leader role by filling out a specified form to upgrade their commission level. This form is the gateway to your immediate upgrade, allowing you to offer substantial discounts to your customers and sell memberships more effectively.

Q: Can I sell memberships in bulk?
A: Yes, as a Schoolhouse Leader, you have the opportunity to sell memberships in bulk, especially when setting up local Schoolhouses or conducting presentations at churches. This approach not only helps in expanding the homeschooling movement but can also significantly boost your affiliate earnings.

Q: Where can I find resources to help me in selling memberships?
A: Affiliates have access to a Google Drive filled with images, memes, course covers, swipe copies for communications, and HTML email blast templates with embedded affiliate links specific to your business. These resources are designed to simplify the process and enhance the customer experience, making it easier for you to promote SchoolhouseTeachers.com and earn commissions.

Q: How do I join the Schoolhouse Army Facebook group?
A: You can join our Schoolhouse Army group on Facebook. This group is a valuable resource for staying in touch with other affiliates and our marketing team, offering additional support and resources to help you succeed.

Ready to get started? If you’re brand new to the Schoolhouse Army and have questions, or if you came upon this page but have not yet signed up, please email [email protected].

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