Direct a Twice-Weekly Schoolhouse

The Old Schoolhouse® (established in 2001) along with its online Bible-based curriculum platform,, exists to serve homeschooling families worldwide. A Schoolhouse is a local homeschool co-op or microschool for like-minded parents to gather together in a safe environment and teach ready-made courses to homeschooled students PK–12th grade. During its twice-weekly homeschool-days, the Schoolhouse is an engaged community between homeschool families and the Director, as well as the church leadership if meeting at a church facility. Please note the FAQ.

Homeschooling at the Church Schoolhouse

Why Do Christian Kids Need Christian Education?

  • Biblical worldview woven into every subject
  • Reinforces Lordship of Christ in all areas of study
  • Reminds students their God exists not just on Sundays
  • Builds upon what the church is teaching their family
  • Upholds God’s Word as authoritative and the final say
  • Fosters safety and stability with like-minded peers
  • Prepares students to pursue Christ after leaving school
  • Ability to “spot and avoid” anti-God philosophies
  • To know Biblical doctrine and share faith with others
  • Challenges students with high academics
  • Encourages commitment to Christ-centered living
  • Cultivates environment of good character

What Is a Schoolhouse?

  • It’s a (PK-12) homeschool co-op which meets inside a local church and utilizes the courses and platform.
  • “One-room Schoolhouse” method of learning
  • Meets two full days a week in local church
  • Families learn and teach together, PK–12th
  • Parents remain at facility with children (no drop-offs)
  • Christian worldview, no Common-Core courses
  • Utilizes solely curriculum
  • Shared workload among families
  • Parents sign up to teach classes from existing platform
  • No limits on classes taken
  • No enrollment fee; only requirement is family holds membership to for coursework and tools

Why Join a Schoolhouse?

  • Community group setting
  • Christian, Bible-based environment
  • Accountability: Stay on track & positive peer pressure
  • Maximize homeschooling time
  • Socialization/camaraderie
  • Interactions with multiple ages/grades
  • Large group activities
  • Encouragement, support, sharing experiences
  • Teach what you love
  • Classroom experience for homeschooled kids
  • Networking with other parents
  • Gain credits (high school)
  • Paced learning, top-quality classes
  • Tutors lift academic burdens (trading teaching skills)
  • Challenging, engaging curriculum
  • Tools: report cards, transcripts, record-keeping
  • Extracurriculars: banquets, field trips, holiday events, yearbook committee, high school graduation, mentoring moms, science fair, art gallery, field trips, public speaking club, drama club, entrepreneur track, sports/field days, etc.

Church Schoolhouse

I am interested in becoming the Director of a local Schoolhouse. Please contact me with the details.

Schoolhouse Directors

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