Blogging Tips & Ways to Promote TOS Products

The best way to get the word out about new products from the Schoolhouse Store is to share your experience with the products or the topics the product relates to. Try writing about your favorite products, issues, and growth you have had in your own homeschooling journey. Use affiliate text links within blog posts, articles, and newsletters to give your readers a relevant link to the item at the Schoolhouse Store.

Tips for Promoting TOS Items and Earning Commissions:

  • Do you or your family relate to the E-Book or item? Share your heartfelt tips in your blog or newsletter, and in the resource box refer to the item you are promoting as an additional resource.
  • Have a favorite activity from one of our products or magazines? Write about it in your newsletter or blog. Be sure to include an affiliate link so you earn a commission from the referral. Satisfied word of mouth is the best advertisement!
  • Write a review of your favorite E-book, WeE-book™, or subscription issue for your blog or website. Be sure to include the affiliate banner and/or text link.
  • Attach your URL to everything: signature line on your email, facebook, twitter account, even your Christmas cards. That way every message you send out will be an opportunity for others to visit you.
  • Read others’ blogs, comment, and add your blog URL to the signature. Let them know that you’re adding them as a friend, and ask if they’ll add you too.
  • You can also try visiting friends of your friends or blogs that other friends mention.

Are you a pro at being an affiliate? Please share some of your success stories here on the blog! We need to support and encourage each other in ALL of our homeschooling and life adventures!

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