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What is a Schoolhouse? Essentially, it’s a homeschool co-op utilizing curriculum, which meets twice-weekly in
community with other families, inside a local church.

Who are the teachers? Parents in each Schoolhouse sign up to teach classes
based on the 400+ curriculum (Preschool through 12th grade) courses
available at Classes are taught according to the
Lesson Plans and Teachers’ Guides included in a membership to Classes and work-texts stem from a Biblical
worldview. No Common Core.

Do I have to pay to join a Schoolhouse? The only requirement is to have a
current membership to, joining thousands of other
families in the U.S. and around the world who are also members. No per-child
fees. No per-class fees. No enrollment fees. Teachers do not charge for classes.
Members of ST are invited to join, and there is no charge.

Is there a discount code? For the pilot program(s) starting in the fall in East
Tennessee, there is a steep discount for new
member families. The church that hosts the Schoolhouse or the Director can
provide those coupon codes.

Starting with the Fall 2023–24 school year, WHICH DAYS will families
meet at the Schoolhouse? Generally families gather together twice weekly,
and the Director of each ST Community sets up the Schoolhouse (including
securing a building site) according to the needs of the families within the new
community. This first pilot program in East Tennessee will commence
Wednesday, August 30, 2023, and will operate every Wednesday and Friday
until early May 2024.

What kinds of classes will be at the first Schoolhouse this fall? A meeting
will be scheduled for late June to go over course descriptions and to discover
which parents will teach those classes. Perhaps you’ll see yourself in one of
the 400+ courses available. Please contact Christin Williams
([email protected]) or Gena Suarez ([email protected])
for an invitation to the first TriCities Schoolhouse Setup meeting in June.

Invite form HERE and ST Communities are a division of The Old Schoolhouse®, LLC
“Everyone then hears these words of Mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock.” —Matthew 7:24

Some of the ST courses available are:

• Art & History:
• Studio Art for Teens
• Digital Art and Product
Designs for Small Businesses
• Art Appreciation
• Advanced Apologetics
• Bible Adventures
• Creation Apologetics from
• Creation Worldview
• Introduction to Theology
• Philosophy & Ethics
• How to Get Started with
Microsoft Excel Functions
• Microsoft Word
• Internet Entrepreneurship for
• Public Speaking
• Simply Shakespeare
• LibreOffice Writer Basics
• Podcasting to Change the
• Web Game Design
• Keyboarding
• Accounting 101
• Business Plan Creation
• Career Exploration
• Fun with Cooking
• Hands-On Architecture
• Homesteading
• Home Economics
• Photography
• Starting a Micro-Business for
• Personal Finance in Bite-Size
• Logic
• Money 101
• Introduction to Graphic
• Psychology
• Wildlife Adventures
• Advanced Spanish Fluency
• Spanish 1 and 2
• Beginning Latin
• ESL Language Arts and ESL
• Basic Conversational Korean
• Asia: Trade Route Safari

• Trek to the Holy Land and
• Let’s Visit Denmark
• Everyday Explorers
(Canada, USA, Australia &
New Zealand)
• Wonders of the World
• US History courses (many)
• Drive Thru History
(American & Ancient)
• Figures in History
• Great Leaders in History
• History of Air Travel
• World History courses
• History of Ancient
• Ancient History: Babylonian
Life and Mythology
• Medieval to the Renaissance:
High School History
• Modern History for
• World History: Exploration
and Colonization
• People and Places of World
War II
• Native American History
• Lapbooking Through the
• American Literature in
Historical Context
• Analyzing, Understanding,
and Exploring Literature
• Classics-Based Writing
• Essay Writing 101
• Creative Composition
• Crafting Fiction
• Daily Grammar
(Grades 1–9)
• Elementary Writing with
• Everyday Games
• Everyday Copywork
• How to Write a Resume
• Great Books with
Dr. Hake Parts 1 and 2
• Faces of Poetry
• Reading Remedies
• Schoolhouse Spelling
• Writing: Advertising Copy

• Writing: College Admission
• Writing: Mechanics
• Writing: Compare and
• Sensory Learning for
• Algebra 1
• Algebra 2
• Algebra for Kids
• Decimal Workshop
• Fraction Workshop
• Pre-Algebra
• Statistics
• Trigonometry
• Precalculus
• Geometry in Real Life
• Advanced Music Theory
• Great Musicians
• Guitar
• Violin
• Music/Voice
• Beginner Drum Lessons
• Preschool Playground
(entire program!)
• Advanced Chemistry
• Anatomy & Physiology
• Animal Science
• Red Wagon Marine Biology
for High School
• Botany: Plant Science and
Field Studies
• Earth Science
• Astronomy
• Dinosaurs and the Bible
• Fun with Gravity and Climate
• Science Experiments
• Tinkers’ Club
• Wonderful World of Bugs
• Wondrous Weather
• Red Wagon General Science
for Middle School
• General Biology
• Physics
• Constitution and Bill of
• Mock Trial
• Free Market Economics
• Free Men & Free Markets
• Learning About World

What else comes with my membership?

Scope and Sequence
Unsure what is to be taught at each grade level or the order in which it is taught for the best learning? Visit our
Scope and Sequence to see both what is taught and a logical sequence of how to cover each subject.

High School Help
Don’t let the thought of homeschooling during the high school years scare you. We’ll help you through it with transcript help, academic credit suggestions, planners, college guidance, and career exploration.

Overwhelmed by report cards and tracking attendance? Simplify your life with Applecore and get help with
portfolios and transcripts as well. It’s a free benefit for our members.

Schedule Builder
Do you crave organization? Do your children work better when their school days are laid out for them? Use our
Schedule Builder to create and print schedules to include all your children’s courses and activities.

Streaming Videos
Do your children enjoy watching videos? Why not make them educational and entertaining at the same time?
Browse through our wide selection that includes Bible studies, kids’ programming, marriage help, and more.
There are thousands and you get them all.

Learning Centers
Do you have a child who is struggling with a particular skill? Do you need help presenting information in a new
way? Our Focused Learning Centers are designed to help you find resources quickly, by skill and topic.

Special Needs Support
Could you use an extra dose of encouragement? You’ve come to the right place. Find articles, information, and
classes geared towards the special needs child, as well as support for the whole family.

World Book

• Powerful research tools
• Libraries of informative articles organized by grade level: Kids, Students, Advanced
• Early Learning games for little ones
• eBook libraries with hundreds of original non-fiction books in many subject areas
• Comprehensive search engines
• A Spanish-language encyclopedia
• Images, graphics, and videos to engage audio and visual learners
• A timeline library with over 400 pre-made timelines and a timeline creator
• The Discover library allows ESL students, reluctant readers, and visual learners to search by topics
visually. It also features a visual dictionary and short videos.
• An audio button on every article reads the information for the student. This feature is perfect for audio
learners and struggling readers alike.
• Bonus resources include pre-made lesson plans, graphic organizers, trivia quizzes, interactive maps,
printable maps, and options to personalize your World Book resources.

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