You don’t want to miss the Christ-Giving Banquet on December 15, 2023, at 6:00 p.m. Save the date because this event is one of the most highly anticipated, fun-filled, gourmet-delicious Schoolhouse parties of the year! In some cases two or more area Schoolhouses will combine to make it even more festive. Larger Schoolhouses may choose to hold their own Christ-Giving Banquet for their primary community. We will send a schedule in early October to all who are interested in taking part.

Hit the red button below for details and to be on the list when it’s time to plan the banquet. There will be food signups and decoration committee details to share. Christ-Giving is a wonderful evening of class performances/presentations, music, community fellowship and a BANQUET you’ll never forget. Combining Thanksgiving and Christmas, we celebrate the One who gave it all.

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