Does your church want to open up a Schoolhouse? The Church Schoolhouse Network is springing up nationwide. Families with a membership to can enroll at their local Church Schoolhouse for no charge. There are no enrollment fees, no per-child fees, no per-class fees and no limits on how many classes in which a family can take part.

A Schoolhouse is a high-organized homeschool co-op. It is not a school, nor is it an organization using the church building to conduct classes. It’s a ministry of the church which is the “landing place” for families who are currently homeschooling or leaving the public schools in order to disciple their own children, using ST as their curriculum platform.

Parents who belong to a church which hosts a Schoolhouse are welcome to enroll, and if the church desires, the immediate community is also welcome to homeschool there at the Schoolhouse. Additional Schoolhouses in the same city or county are available to network together so families can take classes across town if they need a particular class not offered in their own Schoolhouse. There are no charges for those, either.

It’s an opportunity for outreach but also paves the way for families who want to leave the government school system and pursue biblical discipleship – under a church covering and its leadership. It becomes the ministry of the church.

Paul and Gena Suarez travel the country speaking at churches about the Church Schoolhouse Network. They present a clear PowerPoint session with a Q&A at the end. Pastors/church leadership and the public both attend. Paul begins the seminar with casting a vision for biblically-based education, namely discipleship, and offers assistance to churches so they can bring their children home where they belong, meeting in their local church, twice-weekly for parent-led classes, based on the ST membership learning platform. The entire workshop lasts about 2 hours.

If you would like to schedule Paul and Gena to come and speak, please fill out the short form below. There is no charge for the presentation.

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