Name of Class: Divide and Conquer: Subtracting Fear and Doubt

Parent-Teacher: Melissa Castle

Location: Parker’s Chapel Church (425 Parker Drive, Kingsport)

Maximum Student Size (Caps Out) Number: 10-12 kids.
Still availability as of today? YES

Ages/Grade(s) Recommendation: Elementary Math Grades 3-5

Class Summary: Having to repeat a process over and over again can quickly become a bore to some children. Elementary Math is a multi-step process to solving problems, and being able to master it takes a lot of practice. The objective of this class will be to find ways to make the process easier. The class will commence with an assessment test to help determine where we need to begin this new academic year. Then, we will:
1. teach why
2. repeat and review
3. talk it out
4. show, don’t tell
5. utilize peer guidance
6. employ practical application

Orientation: A basic syllabus/outline will be given to parents outlining supplies and courses to download or access from

Length of Class: Two semesters (Sept 1-May 10)
Days: One day per week: FRIDAYS
Contact: Melissa Castle ([email protected], 423.502.8848)

Assistant Needed: Please inform the parent-teacher if you can volunteer to assist in this classroom. At least one parent-assistant is desired.

Note from Melissa Castle: I want to invite you to the Divide and Conquer Math classroom at Parker’s Chapel Church. I would love the opportunity to reinforce math skills in your 3rd-5th grade child. We will explore math through hands-on teaching, assessments, and practical application. I hope to encourage and help your child develop a love for math at an early age.


If you desire to sign your student up for this class, contact the parent-teacher right away (email and phone listed above) to get on the waiting list, as the class will fill quickly (max 10-12). You must have a current membership to to sign up. Need a discount? You can get one through Parker’s Chapel Church by clicking the red discount box below. A full year membership which covers every child in the family is normally $269.97. Click the red box below for the discounted price of just $189 for a full 365 days.

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