Name of Class: High School Writing Composition
(High School credit: .5 for one semester)

Parent-Teacher: Gena Suarez

NOTE: This class is almost half-full. If it fills up before you claim your seat and you would like to be placed on a waiting list in case someone drops the class, please get in touch with the instructor HERE.

Location:  Calvary Chapel Tri-Cities

When: Thursdays beginning January 11th, from 10:30 a.m. until 12:00 p.m., ending May 2nd.

Maximum Student Size (Caps Out) Number: 15 kids.

Still availability as of today? YES

Ages/Grade(s) Recommendation: High School but will consider advanced Middle School students. Must be able to write basic paragraphs, and preferably an essay.

High School Credit? YES (.5) The High School Writing: Communications/Storytelling class counts as a Language Arts class or an Elective – parents choose where to apply this earned half-credit.

Important Consideration: Because this class comes with half a credit but only meets one day per week, a substantial amount of homework will be assigned. Please be prepared to spend an average of an hour per day (5 days a week) on research and/or writing, apart from the class itself.

Class Summary: The High School Writing Composition class can count as part of an English credit or could serve as an elective. Students will learn to write in various genres, including persuasive, narrative, expository, technical, poetic/creative, and descriptive. A special emphasis on writing from a marketing and sales perspective is part of the class, and students will have an opportunity to write advertising copy for an exciting project they will pursue with a partner. Public speaking will be an ongoing regular exercise in this class, and a crash course in mastering note-taking will also be included.

Length of Class: One semester

Contact: Gena Suarez ([email protected])

If you desire to sign your high school student up for this class, contact the parent-teacher right away (email listed above) to get on the waiting list, as the class will fill quickly (max 15). You must have a current membership to to sign up. Need a discount? A full year membership which covers every child in the family is $269.97. Click the red box below for the discounted price of just $189 for a full 365 days.
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