Name of Class: Schoolhouse Driver’s Ed (using the Friendly Driver’s Ed curriculum on

Parent-Teacher: Mary Martin

Location: Parker’s Chapel Church (425 Parker Drive, Kingsport)

Maximum Student Size (Caps Out) Number: 12 kids.

Still available as of today? YES

Ages/Grade(s) Recommendation: ages 13 and older

Class SummaryWhy does the engine need antifreeze in the summer? What are the needed safety precautions for winter driving? Friendly Driver’s Ed will guide students through discovering the parts of a car, navigating safety concerns, taking written and performance tests, and maintaining a car. Each lesson covers essential topics to becoming a confident driver. The course contains text-based lessons with ample pictures to illustrate each concept. The course’s weekly reading must be completed before each class period. Come prepared for hands-on learning.

Topics Covered: (Not an exhaustive list)

  • Preparing for the Written Exam
  • First Time Behind the Wheel
  • Factors Which Affect Safety While Driving
  • Navigating Intersections
  • Navigating Challenging Driving Situations
  • Brake and Road Conditions; Severe Weather Considerations.
  • Car Maintenance
  • Managing a Flat Tire and Dealing With a Minor Collision
  • Making Sense of Automotive Insurance

Resources Needed: 

  • Access to corresponding lessons on 
  • A hard copy of the Tennessee Driver’s Handbook 
  • Access to a car. (We will spend part of our class time outside under the awning at Parker’s Chapel Baptist Church, rain or shine.)
  • Warm coat & gloves.
  • Notebook, pen/pencil
  • Positive Attitude

Length of Class: One semester (Jan 12th – May 3rd))

Day/Time: One day per week: FRIDAYS, 10:30am-12:00pm

Contact: Mary Martin ([email protected])

If you want to sign your student up for this class, contact the parent-teacher immediately (email listed above) to get on the waiting list, as the class should fill quickly (max 12). You must have a current membership to to sign up. Need a discount? You can get one through Parker’s Chapel Church by clicking the red discount box below. A full-year membership, which covers every child in the family, is normally $269.97. Click the red box below for the discounted price of just $189 for 365 days.
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